The 2019 CrossFit Open — Is it Right for You?


If you are unfamiliar with what the CrossFit Open is, please take a minute and watch the following video from last year’s Open (courtesy of

The Open can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  For some, the Open is their “main event”— the peaking point of their training year, where they can finally see how they stack up against a huge field of competitors in their own region (and beyond).

For others, the Open is simply about being tested.  The events are varied, and quite challenging.  Every year, we see people do something in the Open that they have never done before — a first pull-up, a PR on their Clean & Jerk, or even just completing a workout in front of a crowd of people (more on that in a second).  While the daily energy in the gym is enough to push people past their perceived limitations, there is something about competition that raises the stakes a bit, and can motivate us to push just that little bit further.

For anyone who has experienced the Open at Full Range, the biggest selling point may be the unbelievable atmosphere that is created by the combination of people putting themselves out there and giving it their all, and their fellow classmates showing up to cheer them on.  For five Fridays in a row, the gym is transformed into a spectacle of amazing athletic performances, and displays of true grit.  Our modest space becomes a cauldron of nerves, excitement, pride, and–of course– fun and laughter.  If you have not been to a “Friday Night Lights” event at Full Range, do yourself a favor and clear your calendar now!

If you are wondering whether or not to register yourself and participate in the Open, we are here to help guide you.  Competitions are not for everyone, especially if you are brand new to the movements, or have persistent injuries that limit your range of motion. We believe that good mechanics and consistent movement patterns are the top priorities, BEFORE adding intensity into the mix.  If you are in your first 3 months of training with us, odds are the Open may be a spectator sport for you this year.

However, for those with a decent background of experience, if you are concerned that you will not be able to complete a movement, or lift a prescribed weight in one of the workouts, have no fear: CrossFit introduced a “scaled” division to the Open in 2015, in order to make the event approachable for an even larger number of people. If you are not signing up purely because the thought of posting your score for others to see scares you, then come up with a fake alias to post under.  Problem solved!

In all seriousness though, the Open provides an opportunity for people to meet a challenge, accept it, and take it on, head-first.  The things we most try to avoid are often the things that would benefit us the most, if we allow ourselves to overcome the fear of just beginning them.  And, for what it’s worth, I’ve never spoken to someone who has completed the Open and regretted it!


The first Open workout announcement is Thursday, February 21st at 8pm.   Our first “Friday Night Lights” of this year’s Open will take place Friday, February 22rd, at 6:30pm.  Stay tuned in the coming days for more info, or you can also reach out to to discuss whether or not the Open is right for you.


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