Full Range Endurance Workouts – Week of 3.15.2021


** This week will be a Testing Week to establish your baseline pacing for the coming weeks.  Please track all of your results from this week, and keep them for reference.

Day 1

Bike Erg Average Watt Test
The goal on this test is to establish the average wattage you can hold for two 8 minute efforts.


Set the units to Watts

3:00 Spin @warmup pace, gradually increasing pace each minute
:30 @85-90 rpm damper 1
:30 @90+ rpm damper 1
Rest 2 Minutes
8:00 @max effort damper 3-5
Rest 10:00 (stay moving around)
8:00 @max effort damper 3-5
3-5 Minute Cool Down ride

– This workout should be max effort on each of the 8 minute intervals.
– Choosing a damper will depend on you. Try to find where you can hold 75-80+ rpms between damper 3-5
– Record your average wattage at the end of both intervals
– Once you have both “scores” get your average over the two and then take 90% of that number. This will be the number you will work off of over the next 8 weeks.

Score 1: 250 watt average
Score 2: 240 watt average

250+240 = 490

490/2 = 245

245*.9 =220

Day 2

2K Row Time Trial

500m @building to a tough pace for last 100m
Rest 30 Seconds
100m @fast
100m @easy
100m @faster
100m @easy
100m @fastest
2k for Time

-The goal for this workout is to row the fastest 2k you can. It should be awful.
– Set the rower to count down from 2000m and it will give you a total time and average pace at the end

Day 3

Mixed Modality Test

Warm Up:
1:00 Echo Bike
1:00 Ski
1:00 Row


Death By EMOM
1: 10/7 Calorie Echo Bike
2: 10/7 Calorie Ski
3: 10/7 Calorie Row
*Increase by one rep on each round until you can no longer complete one of these inside of the minute.



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