Introducing FR BURN — Interval Training, the Full Range Way


BURN is our new, 30-minute, conditioning-based, Barbell-free class at Full Range. Workouts are focused on building aerobic power, muscular endurance, agility, coordination, and balance, through the use of functional movements, and high-intensity intervals.

Our coaching staff has helped hundreds of people to build strength, endurance, and work capacity, while simultaneously helping them to MOVE better.  FR BURN will continue this pursuit, in an approachable, shorter form, and without the use of Barbells or complex gymnastics (as can be seen in our “Fitness” and “Performance” programs).  These 30-minute classes will include a warm-up, movement review, an intense workout, and a cool down — get in, get a great workout, and get out!

FR BURN is open to all current members with an Unlimited Membership (it is counted as a regular class for those with a Limited Membership), and also welcomes drop-ins at a cost of $15/class.  New members are NOT required to complete our Fundamentals program prior to joining a BURN class, so friends and family are welcome!  Please send us an email at if you are a non-member looking to check us out, or just have questions about the program.

Our first FR BURN Class is this Tuesday (6/18) at 8:15am, and will run Tuesdays and Thursdays at this time slot (with potential class times added over time, depending on attendance).

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