The #LiveFullRange Challenge – Stay-At-Home Edition!


If you are like us, you probably feel best when you are settled into a solid, healthy routine: eating well, getting good sleep, and exercising regularly.  Now, as we collectively try to establish our “new normal” of living, working, and (hopefully) staying fit, all while staying home, it is as important as ever that we take an honest look at our daily habits, and whether or not they are in line with what we want out of life.

This is the essence of the #LiveFullRange Challenge: Take three weeks of our lives, just 21 days, to focus on our day-to-day activities that we might take for granted, such as how and what we eat, the quality and quantity of our sleep, and simple things like spending time in the sun, and drinking water.

This is not a “crash diet,” nor is the goal to achieve rapid weight-loss; instead, we will be examining your daily habits, and, with the help of our dedicated coaches, working to make lasting changes in the way that we approach our nutrition and lifestyle practices.

The mechanic of the challenge will be kept simple: For 21 days, we will:

  • Eat real food (vegetables, fruits, and minimally processes protein sources), while avoiding sugars, grains, and unhealthy fats.
  •  Be active: move every day, in some form.
  •  Enjoy 7+ hours of restorative sleep every night.
  • Get 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day.
  • Play! Find time to let go, disconnect, unwind and have fun each day.

Don’t worry, you will not be on your own in this. We will be giving support in the way of helpful articles and recipes, weekly webinars on Zoom, and, perhaps most importantly, our Facebook group for sharing and discussing any issues you might be facing along the way.

The challenge will kick-off this Monday, April 13th, and run until Sunday, May 3rd.

Our introductory webinar/Q&A for the challenge will be held this Thursday, April 9th, at 7pm. You can access the meeting by heading to the link here (we will also post this to the Facebook Group).  If you cannot make the intro session, no worries; we will record it, and you can always ask us questions via Facebook or email.

We are excited for this opportunity to help all of you reach your long-term health and fitness goals, and we look forward to a fun couple of weeks!


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