Monday 3.23.2020



2 rounds of:
Lunge + Overhead Reach x 3-4/side
Down-Dog to Spiderman x 4-6/side
Squat to Stand x 8-10

A. Skill Practice (15 minutes):
Take 15 minutes to play/build in the Snatch or Clean & Jerk, working in triples and doubles


Three rounds, not for time, of:
Turkish Get Ups x 2-4/side
Pistols or Single Leg Balancing x 30-40 seconds/side
Windmills x 3-5/side

B. 30/30 Intervals (MAP 1):
Option 1 (if you have a Rower, Bike, Ski Erg, or Running Access)
30 Seconds of Cyclical Work (Row/Bike/Ski/Run)
30 Seconds of Rest
x 6 rounds
Rest 2 minutes
x 3 sets

Option 2 (If you can’t Row/Bike/Ski/Run)
30 Seconds of Work (choose a movement from below, or something you come up with)
30 Seconds of Rest
x 6 rounds

Rest 2 minutes, then…

30 Seconds of Work (something different than above)
30 Seconds of Rest
x 6 rounds

Rest 2 minutes, then…

30 Seconds of Work (same movement as the first set)
30 Seconds of Rest
x 6 rounds

*The goal of these intervals is to show that you can be sustainable from round to round, as well as over the length of the entire workout. Choose movements that you can cycle through — the closer they are to biking, rowing, skiing, or running, the better. If you have one of these implements, use it for the first six and last six sets, and try to make all of these the same output. For the middle sets, anything that is light, and based mainly around breathing, and not muscular strength, will suffice (ie. not push-ups, not deadlifts, not v-ups).

Movements that fit well for sets 1&3 (if you don’t have run/row/bike option): Box Step-Ups, Box Jumps with step down, No-push-up burpees, Ball Slams, Shuttle Runs, Jump Rope (single or doubles), Skater Jumps, Mountain Climbers.
Movements that fit, but should definitely fall into the middle set (meaning they are less aerobic/sustainable): Single Arm DB Snatches, KB Swings, Wall Balls, Single Arm DB/KB Hang Clean & Jerks

As always, please ask in the comments if you need a suggestion. If you know what you are going to do, you can also share with everyone what you chose, as this may help them too!


40 Minute Run @easy pace
*Every 5 minutes, complete:
10 Push-ups
20 Air Squats
30 Second Hollow Hold


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